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September 9, 2012
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(Name) opened her eyes. 'Where the fuck am I?' She thinks to herself. She looked around to try to figure out where she was. The place was dark so she could only see the gray, tile floor and the dark gray walls. as her eyes adjusted to the darkness she could see more things like the purple pod-looking-thing in the corner of the room, the desk with a weird looking computer on it, and the boy sitting in the chair at the desk.

"Uh...H-hello..." She said to the strange looking boy. The boy had gray skin, black hair, nubby-looking-candycorn-colored horns, eyes that were yellow where they should be white and red irises, a pair of simple gray slacks, black shoes, and...a red turtle-neck sweater?

"..." He didn't say much and her first impression of him was a cute, yet shy, alien boy who's planet you just woke up on.

'Shit. What do I say?!' (Name) asked herself.

"Greetings." He finally said.

(Name) looked confused as to how he can speak your language.

"My name is Kankri Vantas. And you are?"

"Er...M-my name is (First name) (Last name). N-nice to meet you Mr. Vantas..."

"The pleasure is all mine Ms. (Last name). I knew it would be terribly rude of me if I didn't introduce myself first, seeing as you have somehow appearifyed in my room."

She blanked out at the words. Not wanting to appear rude she just nodded her head.

"Since you appear to be hear for a while I will allow you to stay with me until you find a way home. but..."

(Name) knew a but was coming.

"You must at least be doing something productive while you are here."

"A-alright..." She agreed.

And there is where our story begins...

On a planet called Beforus...

Where a single human girl finds herself staying in one of the residents', know as trolls, "hives".

~~to be continued...~~
Since i've never seen one before i thought i'd be the first so...have at it! will add link to next one when i make it...might update every weekend...idk...

link to next: [link]

kankri: homestuck creator andrew hussie

you: you
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